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Apache Helicopter PPT

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1. Apache Choppers and Its recent Advancements

• Description
• Origin of Apache • Mechanisms • Amour
• Weapons
• Sensor Equipments • Variants of Apache
• Features of a Apache Longbow AH 64-D • Operational History

• COMBAT MISSION: 167 mph • COMBAT RANGE: 300 miles • COMBAT ENDURANCE: 2.5 hours
• LENGTH: 49 ft 5 in
• MISSION WEIGHT: 16,600 lbs • ARMAMENT: HELLFIRE missiles, 2.75” rockets and 30mm chain gun
• CREW: 2 (pilot and co-pilot /gunner)

• The first prototype(The YAH - 64)lifted off on sept 30,1975 rom carlsbad california.It was developed by Hughe Helicopters ( today a part of BOIENG) for the US Army.It was a twin engine T-tailed attack helicopter.

5. The APACHE has a lots of complex mechanisms involved in its make up.
Some of the basic mechanisms which are its basic necessity and are the reason for its successful Performance are:
• Swash plate Mechanism
• Amour Mechanism
• Weapon Mechanism

6. 1 Non-rotating outer ring (blue)
2 Turning inner ring (silver)
3 Ball joint
4 Control (pitch) preventing turning of outer ring
5 Control (roll)
6 Linkages (silver) to the rotor blade

7. Above:The 320mm
Automatic canon and Right: The hell fire missiles and Hydra rockets loaded on to the chopper.

8. • The Helmet
Targetting System in Apache which is used to control the 320mm automatic canon and the machine gun.

9. Features of Apache AH-64 D
• Crew 2 With Pilot seated above and behind Weapons Systems Officer • Engines Two General Electric T700-GE-701 • Dimensions L - 17.73m
W - 5.227m H - 4.64m • Weights 11,800 lbs (empty) 15,075 lbs (standard loudout)
• Max Speed 150 kt (279 kph)
• Range 400 km - internal fuel 1,900 km - internal and external fuel
• Armament M230 30mm Cannon (typical loudout of 1200 rounds)
Hydra 70mm FFAR Folding Fin Aerial Rockets (in pods of 19) AGM-114D Longbow Hellfire Missiles (up to 16)
Stinger, AIM-9 Sidewinder, Mistral and Sidearm air-to-air missiles

10. • The major nations that Use the Apache choppers are
• United States Of America
• Israel
• United Kingdom
• Netherlands
• United Arab Emirates

11. Fleet of Apache at US air base

• After all the developments and all the other tests of nature undergone on it the apache chopers stand the test of time and have been serving in the most efficient way.Hence it has been regarded as the best Attack Helicopter of all times.

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