4G Wireless Technology Seminar report

Currently 2G Technology (GSM), or second generation technology, is widely used worldwide for cell phone networks. The problem with 2G technology is that the data rates are limited. This makes it inefficient for data transfer applications such as video conferencing, music or video downloads. To increase the speed, various new technologies have been in development. One of these, 4G technology, is mainly made up of high-speed wireless networks designed to carry data, rather than voice or a mixture of the two. 4G transfers data to and from mobile devices at broadband speeds – up to100 Mbps moving and 1Gbps while the phone is stationary. In addition to high speeds, the technology is more robust against interference and tapping guaranteeing higher security. This innovative technology functions with the aid of VoIP, IPv6, and Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). To cater the growing needs of 4G, mobile data communication providers will deploy multiple antennas at transmitters to increase the data rate. Unlike the 3G networks, which are a mix of circuit switched and packet switched networks, 4G will be based on packet switching only (TCP/IP). This will allow low-latency data transmission. Furthermore, the use of IP to transfer information will require IPv6 to facilitate the use of more cell phone devices.

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