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Bluemotion Technology Reviewed by vipinlal.t on Bluemotion Technology Bluemotion Technology Rating: 5

Bluemotion Technology Seminar report

Branch : Mech
Human activities are affecting the environment much more and so that every automation company is busy to make its products and projects very efficient and involving many important steps to achieve this target. And Bluemotion Technology is one of them that is used by Volkswagen group of industries and it tries to decrease the impact of human activity on the environment. Bluemotion Technology based cars are known as most cleanest cars and very much Eco-friendly in the world. Volkswagen group of industry is not depending on the old or space age technology. They are making the car engines more efficient by including the electronic circuitry and by modifying some basic cycle parts of the car engine. By using Bluemotion technology the car engine gets various useful features like TDI, TSI, DSG, automatic start/stop, Recuperation, usage of taller gear ratios, better aerodynamics etc. The products made by using both Bluemotion technology and electronic circuitry, are very much efficient and reliable rather than other products.

Seminar Report pdf : Download

Seminar Report ppt : Download

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