Browser Security Seminar report

The initial design of internet and web protocols assumed an environment where servers, clients, and routers cooperate and follow standard protocols except for unintentional errors. However, as the amount sensitivity of usage increased, concerns about security, fraud and attacks became important. In particular, since currently internet access is widely available, it is very easy for attackers to obtain many client (and even host) connections and addresses, and use them to launch different attacks, both on the networking itself and on other hosts and clients. Today's attackers are more likely to host their malicious files on the web. They may even update those files constantly using automated tools. When you are surfing the Internet, it is easy to visit sites you think are safe but are not. These sites can introduce malware when you click the site itself, when you download a file from the site manually and install it, or worse, when you are conned into believing the site you are visiting is a real site, but in fact is nothing more than a fake used to garner your personal information.
From a network security perspective, a browser is essentially a somewhat controlled hole in your organization’s firewall that leads to the heart of what it is you are trying to protect. While browser designers do try to limit what attackers can do from within a browser, much of the security relies far too heavily on the browser user, who often has other interests besides security. There are limits to what a browser developer can compensate for, and browser users will not always accept the constraints of security that a browser establishes.

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