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Diamond Chip Seminar report

Electronics without silicon is unbelievable, but it will come true with the evolution of Diamond or Carbon chip. Now a day we are using silicon for the manufacturing of Electronic Chip's. It has many disadvantages when it is used in power electronic applications, such as bulk in size, slow operating speed etc. Carbon, Silicon and Germanium are belonging to the same group in the periodic table. They have four valance electrons in their outer shell. Pure Silicon and Germanium are semiconductors in normal temperature. So in the earlier days they are used widely for the manufacturing of electronic components. But later it is found that Germanium has many disadvantages compared to silicon, such as large reverse current, less stability towards temperature etc so in the industry focused in developing electronic components using silicon wafers. Now research people found that Carbon is more advantages than Silicon. By using carbon as the manufacturing material, we can achieve smaller, faster and stronger chips. They are succeeded in making smaller prototypes of Carbon chip. They invented a major component using carbon that is "CARBON NANOTUBE", which is widely used in most modern microprocessors and it will be a major component in the Diamond chip.

-Diamond Chip or Carbon Chip is an Electronic Chip manufactured on a diamond structure Carbon wafer.
-Diamond structural carbon is non conducting in nature.
-To make it conducting, doping process is performed.
- Boron-- as the p-type.
- Nitrogen--as the n-type.

The chip would be most useful in critically high temperatures. for ex. : devices located near hot-burning engines.
Thus Diamond Chip replaces the need of silicon chip in every aspect in future generations.

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