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Weapons Revolutions
From the Stone Age until the Middle Ages, a weapon’s power was limited by the strength of the man wielding it or, in the case of bows, by the strength of material from which it was made. In the late Middle Ages, a revolution in the weaponry occurred when chemical-powered (gunpowder) weapons began to replace swords and bows. This revolution changed the nature of warfare: not just tactics, but also the usefulness of armor, castles, and then-popular weapons.

Since the invention of gunpowder, a weapon’s effectiveness has no longer depended on the wielder’s strength, but on the chemical energy of the propellant or explosive. While centuries of technological advances have improved the power of these materials, the basic operating principle of chemical-powered weapons ultimately remains the same. Modern battlefield weapons are the descendents of muskets and cannon. Another revolution in weaponry is with directed-energy weapons (DEWs) replacing chemical-powered weapons on the battlefield. DEWs use the electromagnetic spectrum (light and radio energy) to attack pinpoint targets at the speed of light. They are well suited to defending against threats such as missiles and artillery shells, which DEWs can shoot down in mid-flight. In addition, controllers can vary the strength of the energy put on a target, unlike a bullet or exploding bomb, allowing for nonlethal uses.

In principle, an electromagnetic weapon is any device which can produce electromagnetic field of such intensity, that a targeted item or items of electronic equipment experiences either a soft or hard kill. A soft kill is produced when the effects of the weapon cause the operation of the target equipment or system to be temporarily disrupted. A good example is a computer system, which is caused to reset or transition into an unrecoverable or hung state. The result is a temporary loss of function, which can seriously compromise the operation of any system which is critically dependent upon the computer system in question.

electromagnetic bomb

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