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Fuel cell Seminar Reviewed by vipinlal t on Fuel cell Fuel cell Rating: 5

Fuel cell Seminar Report

Branch : ECE, EEE, Mech

A fuel cell is a device that electrochemically converts the chemical energy of a fuel and an oxidant to electrical energy. The fuel and oxidant are typically stored outside of the fuel cell and transferred into the fuel cell as the reactants are consumed. The most common type of fuel cell uses the chemical energy of hydrogen to produce electricity, with water and heat as by-products. Fuel cells are unique in terms of the variety of their potential applications; they potentially can provide energy for systems as large as a utility power station and as small as a laptop computer. Fuel cells have several potential benefits over conventional combustionbased technologies currently used in many power plants and passenger vehicles. They produce much smaller quantities of greenhouse gases and none of the air pollutants that create smog and cause health problems. If pure hydrogen is used as a fuel, fuel cells emit only heat and water as a byproduct.

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