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Green Supply Chain Seminar Report

This study starts with circular economy and the connotation of green supply chain, then analyzes the difference between green supply chain and traditional supply chain and elaborates the content of green supply chain management. Green supply chain management has emerged as an important organizational performance to reduce environmental risks. Choosing the suitable supplier is a key strategic decision for productions and logistics management in many firms to eliminate impact on the supply chain management.

The manufacturing firm has increasingly faced the environmental protection issues that force firm to the environment in their market competition. This requires with green technical capabilities in electronic industry. Environmental management has been discussed in government and industrial supply chain. All of business activities related to green supply chain management (GSCM) have played as an important role to environmental management factors applied for the purpose of business manufacturer.

Scholars and practitioners explore the close relationship between supplier’s product quality and environmental performance influenced the customers in global market. They also consider how to manage operational firm more efficiently in the market competition. Environmental impacts occur at all stages of a product’s life cycle. Hence, GSCM has emerged an important strategy for helping firms to achieve profit and market share by lowering their environmental risks and impacts while raising their efficiency.

The theory and practice of green supply chain management in relation to sustainable development are paid more attention to by many enterprises and researchers. From the enterprises’ perspective, the most important way to manage environment is to develop more competitive advantages through the improvement of environmental management ability.

However, because environment and resource problem is ultimately a social problem, it is impossible for the enterprise to fulfil it independently. All levels of enterprise organization should cooperate to achieve the goal of strengthening its competitiveness, such as increase of enterprise economic benefits, the decrease of environmental pollution and the improvement of the efficiency of resource utilization. Green supply chain management is an important way to achieve the goal.

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