Holographic Data Storage Seminar report

The future of holographic memory is very promising. The page access of data that holographic memory creates will provide a window into next generation compu- ting by adding another dimension to stored data. Finding holograms in personal computers might be a bit longer off, however. The large cost of high-tech optical 19 equipment would make small-scale systems implemented with holographic memo- ry impractical. Holographic memory will most likely be used in next generation super computers where cost is not as much of an issue. Current magnetic storage devices remain far more cost effective than any other medium on the market. As computer systems evolve, it is not unreasonable to believe that magnetic storage will continue to do so. The current storage in a personal computer operates on the same principles used in the first magnetic data storage devices. The parallel nature of holographic memory has many potential gains on serial storage methods. However, many ad- vances in optical technology and photosensitive materials need to be made before we find holograms in computer systems. Therefore the question for the future that remains is whether are they affordable to general public to be used as backup sys- tems????

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