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Scope of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Seminar report

The automobile industry are faced with two basic problems of one dwindling of petroleum resources which are non-renewable and second is increasing strict standards regarding pollutants in automobile exhaust which are difficult to meet when petro fuels are used . The two factors are driving the auto industry to search for better propulsion solution, which abjure petroleum based fuels. The alternative energy systems being instigated which may be commercially viable are electric device, hydrogen as combustion fuel and fuel cell power.

Direct-methanol fuel cells or DMFCs are a subcategory of proton-exchange fuel cells in which methanol is used as the fuel. Their main advantage is the ease of transport of methanol, energy-dense yet reasonably stable liquid at all environmental conditions. Efficiency is presently quite low for these cells, so they are targeted especially to portable applications, where energy and power density are more important than efficiency .
Big auto giant like Daimler Benz (now diamler Chrysler) has chosen to concentrate on fuel cell alternate as be cause of the following reasons:-
1. The fuel cell cars are more efficient in terms of power, dynamic performance and serviceability.
2. Fuel cells are lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries and offer a greater range between refueling stops.
3. The fuel cell gives off “no” harmful emission.
4. Fuel cells are ideally suited to volume built product, making for competitive cost.

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