Zigbee Technology Seminar report

Zigbee is a new Wireless sensor network technology characteristic of less distance and low speed. It can be used in some special situation for signal collection, processing and trans- mitting.ZigBee is a technology now being deployed for wireless sensor networks. A sensor network is an infrastructure comprised of sensing, computing and communications elements that allows the administrator to instrument, observe and react to events and phenomena in a specified environment.Typical applications include, but are not limited to, data collection, monitoring, surveillance and medical telemetry.

ZigBee is the set of specifications built around the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol. ZigBee technology is a low data rate, low power consumption, low cost, wireless networking protocol targeted towards automation and remote control applications ZigBee is a communication protocol that uses small, low-power digital radio signals based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.ZigBee operates in ISM radio bands: In USA 915 MHz, in Europe 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz in other parts of the globe. In the 2.4 GHz band there are 16 ZigBee channels, with each channel requiring 2 MHz of bandwidth.

The most capable ZigBee node type is said to require only about 10typical Bluetooth or Wireless Internet node, while the simplest nodes are about 2However, actual code sizes are much higher, closer to 50transmission range of Zigbee is over 50 meters and speed is 20-250KB/s, it needs only 32K of system resources. It is simple, effective and cheaper than other WPANs like bluetooth, WiFi. ZigBee solves the needs of remote monitoring and control, and sensor network applications. It takes full advantage of a powerful physical radio specified by IEEE802.15.4, adding logical network, security and application software to the specification.

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