computer aided process planning Seminar report

Process planning translates design information into the process steps and instructions to efficiently and effectively manufacture products. As the design process is supported by many computer aided tools, computer aided process planning has evolved to simplify and improve process planning and achieve more effective use of manufacturing resources.
A frequently overlooked step in the integration of CAD/CAM is the process planning that must occur. CAD systems generate graphically oriented data and may go so far as graphically identifying metal etc to be removed during processing. In order to produce such things as NC instructions for CAM equipment, basic decisions regarding equipment to be used, tooling and operating sequence need to be made. This is the function of Computer aided process planning. Without some elements of CAPP there would be no such thing as CAD/CAM integration. The CAD/CAM systems that generate tool paths and NC programs include limited CAPP capabilities or imply a certain approach to processing.
CAD systems also provide graphically oriented data to CAPP systems to use to produce assembly drawings etc. Further, this graphically oriented data can then be provided to manufacturing in the form of hardcopy drawings or work instruction displays. This type of system uses work instruction displays at factory workstations to display process plans graphically and guide employees through assembly step by step. The assembly is shown on the screen and as a employee steps through the assembly process with a footswitch, the components to be inserted or assembled are shown on the CRT graphically along with text instructions and warnings at each step.

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