Grid Computing Seminar report

Date: 21 Feb 2016

In this Seminar Report paper, we reviewed the Grid Computing Seminar Report. Grids enable the Scalability, sharing and aggregation of a wide variety of resources including supercomputers, storage systems, data sources, and specialized devices that are geographically distributed and owned by different organizations for solving large-scale computational and data intensive problems in science, engineering, and commerce sectors. Thus creating virtual organizations and enterprises as a temporary alliance of enterprises or organizations that come together to share resources and skills or resources in order to better respond to business opportunities or large-scale application processing requirements, and whose cooperation is supported by computer networks. The concept of Grid computing started as a project to link geographically dispersed supercomputers, but now it has grown far beyond its original intent. The Grid infrastructure can now benefit many applications, including collaborative engineering, data exploration, high-throughput computing, and distributed supercomputing.
A Grid can be viewed as a seamless, integrated computational and collaborative environment. The users interact with the Grid resource broker to solve problems, which in turn performs resource discovery, scheduling, and the processing of application jobs on the distributed Grid resources. From the end-user point of view, Grids can be used to provide the following types of services.
1. Computational services
2. Data services
3. Application services
4. Information services
5. Knowledge services

Grid computing is divided into three logical levels of deployment they are Cluster Grids, Enterprise Grids, and Global Grids

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