Nanotechnology Seminar report

Date: 07 Feb 2016

In this Seminar Report paper, we reviewed the Nanotechnology Seminar Report PDF PPT. In Nanotechnology by controlling molecular structure in material synthesis we have gained inevitable control over the basis material properties such as conductivity, strength, relativity, yielding innovative application ranging from batteries to automotive materials. By starting with cheap, abundant compared molecules and processing them with small high frequency, high productivity m/s it will make products inexpensive design computes will execute more instructors per sec than the entire semiconductor CPUís in the world. Talking about applications Nanotechnology will enable us to do radical new things in virtually every technological and scientific areas. Nanotechnology is all about building working mechanisms using components. Such as super computers (bacteria sized) with todayís MIPS (Million instructions per sec) capacity, or super computers in the size of sugar cube possessing the power of a billion laptops regular sized desktop model with power of billions of todayís PC and magnetic storage desks could word 100,000 tones more data than current disk. Computation will then become a property of matter, computers right be morporated in next generation, by 2010 we will be aware of our using nanoscale computers. Nanoscale computers will certain hard disks, which have sensors, sensitive enough to detect presence or absence of magnetic field in a microscopic bit of material. This is done as if the magnetic field is strong enough to change a sensors electron flow the bift represents a 1, if not it is 0, the key factor is making sensors that can read and matter bits in increasing the magnetic resistance of sensors.

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