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Skinput Technology Seminar report

This skinput technology seminar report describe the design of a novel, wearable sensor for bio-acoustic signal acquisition.To expand the range of sensing modalities for always available input systems, we introduce Skinput, a novel input technique that allows the skin to be used as a finger input surface. In our prototype system, we choose to focus on the arm (although the technique could be applied elsewhere). This is an attractive area to appropriate as it provides considerable surface area for interaction, including a contiguous and flat area for projection (discussed subsequently). Furthermore, the forearm and hands contains a complex assemblage of bones that increases acoustic distinctiveness of different locations. To capture this acoustic information, we developed a wearable armband that is non-invasive and easily removable In this section, we discuss the mechanical phenomena that enables Skinput, with a specific focus on the mechanical properties of the arm. Then we will describe the Skinput sensor and the processing techniques we use to segment,analyze, and classify thease bio-acoustic signals.

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