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Smart Quill Seminar report

Smart Quill works by measuring the pen's movements and matching them to the movements that produce letters and words programmed into its memory. Smart Quill is slightly larger than an ordinary or normal fountain pen. Users can enter information into these pen by pushing a button on the pen and writing down what they would like to enter .The Smart Quill does not need a screen to work. The really clever bit of the technology is its ability to read handwriting not only on paper but on any flat surface – horizontal or vertical. There is also a small four-line screen to read the information stored in the pen; users can scroll down the screen by tilting the pen slightly upward or downward. The user trains the pen to recognize a particular handwriting style - no matter how messy it is, as long as it is consistent, the pen can recognize it. The handwritten notes are stored on hard disk of the pen. The pen is then plugged into an electronic "inkwell", text data is transmitted to a desktop computer, printer, or modem or to a mobile telephone to send files electronically. Up to 20 pages of notes can be stored locally on the pen or other storage device. A tiny light at the tip allows writing in the dark. When the pen is kept idle for some time, the power to pen gets automatically cut off.

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