Wireless Fidelity Seminar report

The Wi-Fi certified logo is your only assurance that the product has met rigorous interoperability testing requirements to assure products from different vendors will work together .The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo means that it‟s a “safe” buy. Wi-Fi certification comes from the Wi-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit international trade organization that tests 802.11-based wireless equipment to make sure it meets the Wi-Fi standard and works with all other manufacturers‟ Wi-Fi equipment on the market .Thanks to the Wi-Fi Alliance, you don‟t have to read the fine print or study technical journals: if it says Wi-Fi, it will work.

Wi-Fi provides freedom: freedom to physically move around your home or business and still stay connected to the Internet or local network; freedom to grow and move an office or business without having to install new cables and wires; freedom to be connected while traveling and on the road. Wireless “Hotspots” (airports, hotels, coffee shops, convention centers and any other place where someone can connect to a wireless network) are being installed worldwide. All this means Wi-Fi truly does provide unprecedented freedom. Plus, it is cool, and it is fun – as those in the know say, “Once you go wireless, you will never want to use a cable again.” There are real and measurable benefits to using a wireless network versus a standard wired network. For a home installation customer, the greatest benefit is that there are no wites needed: you don‟t need to drill holes in walls and floors; you don‟t need to drag cables or hide them under rugs. One Wi-Fi access point can provide network access for any typically sized home. And if you live in a rental or a historical building, you may not be allowed to drill holes-that makes wireless your only solution. Wi-Fi use is growing fast in homes, public access areas and businesses- both large and small. The Wi-Fi Alliance is active with many industry organizations and is working closely with manufacturers to make sure that existing Wi-Fi gear is compatible with wireless technologies developed in future.

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