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Wireless USB Seminar report

USB (wired or wireless) continues to be the answer to connectivity for the PC architecture. It is a fast, bi-directional, isochronous, low-cost, dynamically attachable interface that is consistent with the requirements of the PC platform of today and tomorrow. Wireless USB is used in game controllers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players, hard disks and flash drives. It is also suitable for transferring parallel video streams.
The first Wireless USB implementations will likely be in the form of discrete silicon that will be introduced in a number of form factors. These may include add-in cards and dongles along with embedded solutions to support the technology's introduction and subsequent rapid ramp up. But the wireless future will arrive once WUSB, along with the common ultra wideband platform, becomes a standard part of every processor and chipset and is integrated in CMOS silicon. As the latest iteration of USB technology, wireless USB (WUSB) will offer the same functionality as standard wired USB devices but without the cabling. As the new Wireless USB Promoter Group prepares to develop the specifications that will help standardize the technology, the industry is planning products that can take advantage of the convenience and mobility that this new device interconnect will offer.

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